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Community Musical Celebration

Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 7:00 pm

ALLAN YOUNG - Knox Presbyterian Church

BLUE WATER ENSEMBLE - Directed by Dennis Myers

ZION COUNTRY BAND - Zion Free Methodist, Terry Clyne

ALYSSA DOHERTY - Holy Reedemer Parish Cluster

JOHN WORTHINGTON - Trinity United Church

PAUL & ADAM SHAW - First Presbyterian Church, Chatham and Mount Zion, Ridgetown

DOROTHY DEBAKKER & FRIENDS - Holy Redeemer Parish Cluster

JOYCE HAVEMAN - Sombra Community

KNOX PRAISE BAND - Knox Presbyterian Church

Refreshments served

Offering to the Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul

To be matched by the Wallaceburg Rotary Club up to $1,200

... Elevator Available

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